When a magnetic field cuts through metal, a current is induced. If a magnetic field cuts a wire in a closed circuit, a current is induced round the circuit. However if a magnetic field cuts through a sample of metal that is not connected to a circuit, an 'Eddy Current' is produced. This Eddy Current is localised in the metal, and has a flow pattern. The flow pattern is disturbed by discontinuities from the surface to a shallow depth of penetration. The method is quick and very sensitive. No contact with the metal is required. All metals may be subject to this form of testing.

Our Training :
Level Days Participant’s Starting Point
I 5 N/A
II 10 With prior level I certification
Level I

This basic course in Eddy Current theory, test instrumentation, coils, and basic impedance plane principle. Application study include conductivity, lift-off, thickness, and flaw detection encircling coils.

Level II

This an advanced course stressing eddy current test set-up and display interpretation based on impedance plane analysis. This course covers many applications using surface probe, ID probes, and encircling coils.