This method consists of radiographic film being placed under a sample. The sample is then exposed to radiation; the radiation passes through the sample, and exposes the film. Discontinuities in the sample affect the exposure of the film. Most materials can be tested by Radiographic inspection, e.g. welds, castings, composites etc. Radiographic testing provides a permanent record and provides a high sensitivity of testing.

There are two types of course available under Radiography, Radiographic Testing and Radiographic Interpretation.

The Radiographic testing course is for NDT personnel wishing to carry out Radiographic testing; this course incorporates interpretation of the Radiograph in addition to the techniques used to create the Radiograph.

To carry out Radiographic testing, a Basic Radiation Safety (BRS) certificate must be held. We can provide training for PCN/EN473/ISO 9712 Levels 1, 2, and 3, ASNT Level 3. Alternatively we can provide training suitable for candidates working to an employer written practice based on SNT-TC-1A; EN4179 and NAS410. Radiographic Testing is separated into two specific product sectors for certification at Levels 1 and 2; Welds, and Castings.

Radiographic Interpretation

The Radiographic Interpretation course only covers the interpretation of the radiograph, therefore is suitable for personnel wishing to only interpret radiographs as opposed to creating radiographs via Radiographic testing.

Our Training :
Level Days Participant’s Starting Point
I 10 N/A
II 15 With prior level I certification
This comprehensive course in principle and theory of radiography include radiation safety, operation of radiographic equipment, film and film processing.

This course covers BAPETEN’s requirements for getting SIB OR (Surat Izin Bekerja Operator Radiografi).

Number of days subject to discussed

Level II
This course is designed for the technician who has field experience in radiography as a Level I, and is seeking certification as a Level II. A minimum of 9 months field experience is suggested for participants wishing to take the class.

This course addresses the origin and nature of Radiation, Radiation production equipment, the production of a radiograph, and finally, film processing.

This course covers BAPETEN’s requirements for getting SIB AR (Surat Izin Bekerja Ahli Radiografi).

Number of days subject to discussed